The Golden Pavilion

12 Feb

I photoshopped in the tree for effect

I took a day trip to Kyoto and witnessed the opulent and majestic (big words) Kinkaku-Ji. Also known as the Golden Pavilion, this building and its surroundings were built in the 14th century under Yoshimitsu Ashikaga in anticipation of his retirement from politics. After his death, Kinkaku-Ji was made into a Zen temple in accordance with his final will.

Like most things in Japan, the temple was reconstructed to its current state after a monk burned down the original in the 1950s. For more information on that, use the INTERNET.

I’ll try not to exaggerate in my recounting of what happened upon my first look of Kinkaku-ji, but my eye balls  shit themselves.

There is a sprawling pathway to view the surrounding small buildings and Zen statues which adorn the area. The walk was quite peaceful despite the hoards of photo-thirsty tourists. Living in the city obviously has the the advantages of living in a CITY, but I crave for the serenity of silence which nature offers. So, any glance of nature, despite its human population, is a welcome breeze upon my brain. I was able to put the cluttered tourists on silent mode and mindfully walk the dirt path. It didn’t last long, but lasted long enough to refuel my Zen tank which was running fairly low.


This dude's eyes are getting a golden shower


This also happened during my trip to Kyoto:


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